How we can help

Clarity Cognition is a cognitive assessment and optimisation service, we provide in-depth testing and analysis of your brain health.

If you are interested in understanding your memory, motivation and other aspects of your cognitive function then Clarity Cognition may be able to help.

We provide detailed insights and information to help optimise cognitive performance and make improvements.

Your Mind Fingerprint™

Learn what makes up your mind fingerprint, explore each cognitive domain to understand how you think and learn recommendations to optimise and enhance your cognitive performance.


Understand what Subjective Cognitive Impairment means and try out strategies to help optimise memory performance.


Poor sleep can impact many cognitive domains, sleep quality can be improved with sleep hygiene advice aimed at improving our circadian rhythm & reducing insomnia.


Learn how mood can affect your memory and impact your concentration.

Stress, Anxiety & Wellbeing

We all face stresses and anxiety, but strategies can be developed that reduce this while also increasing cognitive function, resilience and general well being.


Understand what drives you, including your ability to generate options, your creativity and sensitivity to rewards. Learn how to stay motivated and achieve your goals.

Diet & Nutrition

There is no magic pill to improve our memory, but optimising our nutrition and diet can help maintain a healthy brain and make us feel clearer.

About Us

Clarity Cognition is based in Oxford, UK. We work with academics and clinicians from Oxford University to develop the most up-to-date assessments and treatments in behavioural neuroscience. Our work is aimed at helping those who are worried about their memory understand why this may be occurring and aid in optimising cognitive performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a resource for people who are worried about their memory or other cognitive domains (such as attention, motivation, sleep or mood) and who have already been assessed by a health care provider and are found not to have a memory worry caused by dementia. It can also be used by people who are curious about their memory and who want to learn techniques to improve cognitive function.
Clarity Cognition is a resource of information curated for those who are worried about their memory or other cognitive domains. It provides strategies and tools to help optimise cognitive performance and tries to help people improve their quality of life.
The aim of the service is to provide information for those who are worried about their memory but who do not have dementia. It does not substitute for a full clinical assessment and opinion from a specialist memory doctor. It will not treat dementia, but some of the strategies may be useful for those diagnosed with early dementia.
We do provide personalised assessments and tailor made strategies to help improve cognitive performance. This is currently being trialed via an online virtual clinic. Users will be able to have a one-on-one session with trained therapists who can carry out personalised assessments and establish a bespoke treatment plan. You can book this directly online via the website.
We hope that we can develop the service further to provide personalised face-to-face appointments including a range of aids for memory and cognitive health.

Clarity Cognition

Cognitive Optimisation

Cognitive assessment and optimisation

Using state of the art computerised cognitive assessments and clinical expertise, we aim to provide personalised strategies using the latest in neuroscience and cognitive neurology for assessment and optimisation of cognitive performance.