Cognitive Assessment & Optimisation

Clarity Cognition

Welcome to Clarity Cognition, a resource for those who are worried about their memory and cognitive function or curious to learn more about mental health and improve general wellbeing.

Cognition is the mental process of gaining knowledge and understanding through thinking, experience, and the senses. There are numerous cognitive domains that work together to allow us to function in day to day life. The idea of cognitive optimisation is being more aware of our existing brain resources and understanding how we can change our behaviours for the better. This can lead to improvement in cognitive areas such as our memory, motivation, attention, sleep, stress, mood and general well-being.

Our brains are very plastic and malleable, however, there is a common misconception that the older you become the less able you are to change how you think and behave. One of the biggest difficulties in changing our behaviours and improving our cognitive function, is a lack of understanding about how our brain works. Everybody is different including our strengths and weaknesses within specific brain areas – here at Clarity Cognition, we call this your personalised Mind Fingerprint. If we can understand this and play to our strengths while boosting our weaknesses, then we can improve performance and our general quality of life. For example, many people spend hours in the gym and have very little results to show for it. This is often because exercise technique is poor or there is a lack of understanding about the optimal exercise regime for the individuals body type. With a bit of guidance, education and understanding, much greater results can be achieved with a lot less effort. Likewise, with cognitive health, understanding how our brain and mind work and the state they are currently in, will allow us to target areas that are more in need, optimising our general cognitive function.

Much like habits can take time to form, optimising cognitive performance also takes time, and requires perseverance and effort. But if the techniques on the program and our guides are followed, we hope that noticeable improvements will be seen over time.

Below are the different domains that we cover in the app programme and more information about each.